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Dinner, Dance, & Cash Drawing Jan 30

Annual Golf Scramble Aug 9

MDA Boot Drive Aug 29

Fire Prevention Week Oct 6-10




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Community Information


911 Address Signs

The Clin-Clair Fire Protection District recommends you display your address number clearly on your residence or business so that it is easily distinguishable from the street.  During an emergency every second counts and valuable time can be lost if the residence or business number is not posted and/or visible.  In an effort to help us find you faster, the Clin-Clair Fire Protection District has available to its District residents highly visible reflective address signs for a nominal fee. If you are interested please download the order form below and contact the Clin-Clair Fire Protection District. 

For residents outside the Clin-Clair Fire District please call the Clinton County Sheriff's Dept and ask for the Addressing Coordinator. They have signs available for residents in other fire protection districts. We will no longer be making signs for residents outside the Clin-Clair FPD.

911 Address Order Form


Tornado Siren Test

Clin-Clair Fire Department will be testing the tornado siren every 4th Monday of the month around 7 pm. The test will consist of a one minute sound of the siren. In the case of an actual emergency, a three minute continuous sound of the siren will be activated. If you have any questions about our test procedure, please click here to contact Fire Chief Rick Musenbrock. 


MDA Boot Drive

The Clin-Clair Fire Department would like to thank you for your generous support during our annual Labor Day Weekend MDA Fill the Boot Drive.  On Friday night Last Labor Day weekend, in just a little over four hours you helped us raise over $2000 for MDA! This money will go towards researche and treatment for many people, especially children. Thank you!


Scott's Law

The Clin-Clair Fire Department members are asking for your help in keeping us safe/alive during emergency incidents.  Please slow down, move over, yield, and/or stop when emergency lights are on at the scene of an emergency; even while the trucks are being backed into the station. Click the following link for detailed information



Smoke and CO Detector Information

Click here for details for the Illinois General Assembly

If you currently do not have working CO Detector's or Smoke Detector's at your residence or place of work the Clin-Clair Fire Department members highly recommend installing some.

Interested in a free smoke detector? click here to contact us for more information!


Fire Hydrant Accessibility

Every second counts during a house fire. Difficulty in locating fire hydrants near your home during a fire emergency may delay arrival at the scene and cause potentially disastrous results. The Clin-Clair Fire Department is strongly urging residents to refrain from painting or landscaping fire hydrants. We may miss it during an actual emergency!

By keeping your hydrant free and clear of debris, you can really help us out.

Painting your hydrant a different color is not permitted because each color signifies the amount of water (GPM) that hydrant will flow under normal operating conditions. When enroute to the scene the Clin-Clair Fire Department uses the colors to determine the best hydrant to use.

If you know of a hydrant that has any of the following issues please contact us
• Covered by vegetation and unable to be seen
• Plants, trees, and shrubs planted in close proximity
• Missing discharge caps
• Knocked over
• Leaking
• That has the main discharge less than 15 inches from the ground