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History of Clin-Clair Fire Department


New Baden Fire Protection District formed in 1952. The district included the city of New Baden and the territory comprising the current Clin-Clair Fire Protection District (Clin-Clair).  Clin-Clair's territory includes the communities of Albers, Damainsville, New Memphis and there surrounding areas, and the area surrounding the city of New Baden.  Initially, all fire equipment was housed in the corporate limits of New Baden.  In 1954, the Albers Commercial Club purchased a portable pump, hose, and couplers from Lang and Manning in St. Louis, MO.  The equipment's price tag was $1200.00. A tow behind trailer was also purchased. The trailer's hitch could accommodate any bumper to allow the equipment to be pulled by any vehicle. The equipment was housed in the coal shed behind the Peoples Bank of Albers.  Click here to see the original invoice of this equipment.

The response to the initial request for volunteers was overwhelming. Twelve orginal members were chosen from the lengthy list of volunteers. Vince Tonnies served as the first fire chief. The twelve original firefighters (charter members) included:  


Henry Netemeyer
August “Gus” Kahrhoff
Vince Tonnies
Arnie Huegen
Norbert Fuehne
Ray Huegen
Charles Kennett
Otto Zurliene
John Musenbrock
Edgar Netemeyer
Tony Vollmer
Arnie Heimann

The volunteer waiting list included:

Alphonse Schomaker
Robert Strieker
Clarence Kassen
Vincent Brendel
Andrew Lager
Vincent Eilering
Bernard Johnson
Virgil Eilering
Anton Budde

Leroy Hustedde assisted the department for many years by directing traffic during fires. 

When the members first fought fires, no protective clothing was available, they wore what they had on when the call was received.  In 1958, raincoats, over the shoe hip boots, gas masks, first aid kits, shirts, ties, metal bumper tags, decals for the firemen's vehicles and helmets were purchased.  The Albers Fire Department also attended their first training school at Scott Air Force Base in 1958.

Frog pond, which was located where Behrmann's Meat & Processing now stands was used as the training ground.  During fires, water was pumped from a cistern located where Tonnies Hardware now stands.  Twenty-Four hour fire phones used to notify the department of emergency incidents were placed at the following businesses and homes: xBehrmann's Tavern, Tonnies Store Inc., H&N Equipment, Ben Norrenberns, and Norbert Fuehne.

In April of 1956, Albers Commercial Club created a committee whose purpose was to find a suitable site for a new firehouse.  The appointed committee members were Vince Tonnies, Arnie Huegen, and Anton Budde. In May of 1956, the committee reported their choice at a special meeting. The "L" shaped piece of land selected for the site of the new firehouse was located on the corner of Dwight and Bertha Streets. The Commercial Club purchased the plot of land from Katherine Netemeyer for $800.  The Commercial Club then donated the land to the Village of Albers. It also donated money toward the cost of building the new City Hall and Firehouse on the purchased land. The City Hall and Firehouse was completed in 1957 (see photos below). A few years after the completion of the Albers Firehouse, a 1949 Ford was handed down from New Baden Fire Department, became Albers Fire Department's first fire truck.

In the early 1960's, New Baden Fire Department decided it would be in their best interest to pull out of the New Baden Fire Protection District and become a city department.  To allow this to happen, they had to convince a judge that there would be no adverse affect on the remaining part of the New Baden Fire Protection District, which is currently the Clin-Clair Fire Protection District.  New Baden assured the judge that they would continue to offer their assistance to fire protection needs as before, so the judge allowed New Baden to separate from the district.  Even though New Baden became a City Department, the New Baden Fire Protection District still existed, but excluded the city limits of New Baden.  Albers Fire Department was the only department within the New Baden Fire Protection District.  In 1965, Ordinance 29 came into effect which thereby renamed the New Baden Fire Protection District to the Clin-Clair Fire Protection District.  (Click here to see the legal documents of ordinance 29) The orignial Clin-Clair Fire Protection District trustees were Earl Gildig and Lester Stumpf of New Baden and Vincent Tonnies of Albers. Also, in 1965, Clin-Clair Fire Protection District purchased their first fire truck at a cost of $13,146.  It was a 1964 Ford chassis with a 1000 GPM pump. 




These pictures were taken around 1968 in front of what now is Albers City Hall. Click here for larger pictures.


In 1973, Clin-Clair Fire Protection District purchased an International chassis truck with a 1000 GPM pump.  This 1973 Engine was housed at the New Baden Firehouse and used on rural fires or as New Baden Fire Department deemed necessary for city use. 

As the 1973 International Engine was housed at the New Baden Fire Station, a 1958 Chevy pumper was given to the Albers Fire Department by New Baden Fire district.  With the arrival of this truck, the 1949 Ford was sold.
Clin-Clair purchased the land where the fire station now stands in approximately 1984.  Fund raisers organized by the firemen and generous donations from the community provided the funds needed to purchase the land and material required for a new fire house.  Firefighters and community volunteers applied the man hours needed to build the firehouse.  The current Clin-Clair Firehouse was completed in 1985. 

Throughout the years, various fundraising efforts by the volunteer firemen and their families enabled the district to purchase equipment enhancing their fire protection and rescue capabilities.  In 1990, a 1976 GMC piano delivery van was purchased and converted into a rescue unit.  In 1992, members purchased a 1975 Freightliner from AJ Beckmann trucking.  A tank donated by Monterey Coal Company modified the tractor into a 3000 gallon tanker.  Time and effort put forth by the firefighters to customize these vehicles enabled Clin-Clair to utilize them as emergency response units for the territory. 



1990's - click here for member names


Since its creation, Clin-Clair Fire Protection District has sought to increase its ability to achieve its mission of protecting lives, property and environments through improving its equipment.  In 1994, the Clin-Clair Fire Protection District purchased a 1979 International Engine from Hollywood Heights Fire Department.  In 1997, an E-One Brush truck was purchased from Banner Fire Equipment to serve as a rescue/brush unit 8318.  (Click here for photo)  After purchase of the rescue/brush unit, after 21 years of service for Clin-Clair Fire Department, the 1958 Chevrolet Engine was taken out of service and eventually sold to Robert Kloeckner.  One year later, in 1998 a Freightliner Engine (currently Unit 8311) was purchased from Banner Fire Equipment.  (Click here for photo)   With the arrival of unit 8311, the 1964 Engine was sold.  In 2000, the GMC van was sold to John Becker of Granite City. 

In 2001, the Clin-Clair Fire Protection District purchased a 2001 Freightliner, 2500 gallon tanker.  (Click here for photo)  The 1975 Freightliner Tanker purchased in 1992 was sold to Santa Fe Fire Protection District (Bartelso) to make room for the new tanker.    


2001 - click here for member names

Created in 2006, the Mutual Aid Box Alarm System “MABAS”, provides that all affiliated fire departments will assist each other when needed.  Due to the advent of MABAS, the 1973 Engine was returned to the Clin-Clair Fire Protection District.   

In 2007, the 1979 International Engine was sold to William Varney of Bangor, Maine. Additionally, the 1973 International Engine was sold to Gary Cahill of Elyria, Ohio. 

In April of 2009, the Clin-Clair Fire District Board agreed to allow the residents residing on the St. Clair County side of the district to vote for a change of territory from the Clin-Clair Fire Protection District to the new New Baden Fire Protection Distrist. With faster response times the main reasoning, the Clin-Clair Fire District Board agreed to the vote. With the majority vote in favor of the change, the St. Clair County portion became part of New Baden Fire District. The Clin-Clair name remains even with no coverage in St. Clair County. All the other Clin-Clair Fire Protection District lines remain the same. Also in 2009, the entire interior of the firehouse was remodeled by the members at that time.

In January of 2010, the new American LaFrance Rescue Engine was delivered. The new 8312 replaced the old 1979 International Engine and the 1973 International Engine.

In March of 2010 the permanent marquee in front of the firehouse was built with contributions from community groups in Albers, Damainsville, and department funds.


The Clin-Clair Fire Protection District appreciates the generous support of the individuals, businesses, and communities we serve.  With your continued support, we are able to maintain our high standards of training and education, provide quality maintenance to our facilities, equipment and apparatuses, and continue the mission of the Clin-Clair Fire Protection District.   

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