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Annual Golf Scramble Aug 13





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District Board
David Kassen ( President)

Kurt Rickhoff (Treasurer)

Steve Horstmann (Secretary/FOIA Officer)



As of Jan 1, 2016, the active Firefighters of Clin-Clair Fire Protection District have a combined 340 years of dedicated service. 98% of the members are Firefighter 2 and Hazmart Operations Certified. In addition to those certifications, many members continue to take fire service related courses to obtain addtional knowledge and operations of the fire service. Once again showing the dedication of our members.


Chief Officers
Brian Hubert (Chief 8300)
Ryan Jansen (Assistant Chief 8301)
Ryan Wuebbels (Captain 8302)
Brian Wuebbels (Captain 8303)
Brian Huegen (Lieutenant 8304)
Scott Huegen (Lieutenant 8305)


Firefighters/First Responders

Aaron Albers
Andrew Jansen
Ben Book
Austin Hilmes
Chad Dulle
Scott McDonald
Laura Dulle
Greg Reynolds
Blake Deimeke

Jordan Hodges

Ken Hilmes
Ryan Schulte
Justin Hubert
Kristy Atwater



Although the Clin-Clair Fire Department Honorary members do not actively respond to emergency incidents, their dedication, support, and leadership is greatly appreciated.


Honorary Memebers

Bernie Athmer
Kurt Rickhoff
Scott Athmer
David Kassen
Steve Tonnies
Mark Detmer
Rick Musenbrock
Leonard Toennies
David Huegen (Lifetime Member 50+ Years)


Support Group

Marian Albers
Jerry Albers



Past Chiefs

Vince Tonnies
August "Gus" Kahrhoff
Jim Norrenberns Sr.
David Huegen
Dennis Kehrer
Rick Musenbrock