Clin-Clair Fire Department spends many hours a year training to keep skills up and be fully prepared for any call that comes. Here are some of our most recent trainings.

Extracation Tool Demonstration

When time matters!

Many things can happen to a vehicle when it is damaged. There are times when Firefighters need to rescue patients who are trapped in vehicles or other debris. Tools are used to cut, spread, pull or push their way to the patient. It's important to make the right choice in tools for these important moments. Clin-Clair demonstrated different brands of tools before deciding on which ones to purchase. It was also good practice for extrication on cars that were donated.

Pump Operations

Water: Supply in Demand

When it comes to fire, the main job of the fire fighter is to put out the fire. That is usually done with water. It is very important to know how to keep the supply of water up with the demand. This is done many ways including drafting water from a a water tank in which trucks are able to drive by and dump water in during fire operations. Firefighters practice using water tanks and hooking  up to hydrants as well as using different types of nozzels and adaptors. 

SWIC Burn Tower

Practice Makes Perfect!

Unlike paid departments with a high call volume of structure fires, Clin Clair is a volunteer department that luckily does not see many structure fires. To keep the skills shap, every year they train at the SWIC Burn Tower. This is a great facilty where firefighters can practice search and rescue, fire supression, tactical skills, extrication and so much more. 

Hose Testing

Safety is important!

This is probably the most dreaded event of the year for the Clin-Clair Fire Department, but it seems they get done quicker every year. This is largely due to the fact that we have so many seasoned and dedicated firefighters who show up on this Saturday morning, bright and early. They test every inch of hose under high pressure to ensure it is good to go for that next time when water is critical. It's labor intensive to haul all of that hose out and then put it back again but it is a very important task.
​They do this in the parking lot of
the Albers American Legion. This year, we had some extra help from the children of one of our firefighters.


Air is important!

SCBA's are the lifeline for any firefighter. It is what allows breathing in unsafe air conditions. In practicing, the firefighters practiced putting on the air packs quickly (60 second rule) and also practiced with the IRIT pack which is used to provide air in the event an air pack malfunctions or runs out of air. This is an important procedure during rescue operations. Also, it is important to be able to perform these tasks "blind" as often times, there is poor lighting or smoke to allow the firefighter to visualize the elements of the procedure.