Throughout 2015 – 2017 the department experienced many accomplishments and improvements.  For the first time, the ISO rating for the Fire District was reduced to a “5”, the landscaping was updated around the fire station, a new concrete driveway was poured behind the station, and plans for a new rescue engine began.   
In the winter of 2016, the Clin-Clair Fire Protection District purchased a 2017 Rosenbauer Custom Cab Rescue Engine through Sentinel Emergency Solutions.  The 1998 Freightliner E-One Engine was sold to Effingham County Fire Department, Georgia to make room for the new 2017 Engine
Most Recent Calls​​

2/19: 18-033: Medical
2/18: 18-032 Car Accident
2/17: 18-031 Car Accident
2/15: 18-030 EMS
2/13: 18-029 EMS
2/10: 18-028 EMS
2/10: 18-027 EMS
2/10: 18-026 EMS
2/9: 18-025 EMS
2/9: 18-024 Car Accident
2/9: 18-023 Fire Alarm
2/5: 18-022 Car Accident
2/3: 18-021 Car Accident
2/3: 18-020 EMS
2/2: 18-019 Car Accident
2/1: 18-018 EMS
1/31: 18-017 Car Accident
1/31: 18-016 EMS
1/27: 18-015 Structure Fire
1/24: 18-014 Brush Fire
1/22: 18-013 Car Accident
1/21: 18-012 EMS
1/18: 18-011 EMS
1/17: 18-010 EMS
1/17: 18-009 EMS
1/15: 18-008 Car Accident
1/12: 18-007Car Accident
1/11: 18-006 Fire (Out of District)
1/11: 18-005 Medical Call
1/7: 18-004 Medical Call
1/6: 18-003 Smell of Gas
1/4: 18-002 Medical Call
1/4: 18-001 Medical Call

12/27: 17-215 Medical Call
12/27: 17-214 Smell of Smoke
12/25: 17-213 Medical Call
12/21: 17-212 Car Accident

Controlled Burns

Receive Severe Weather Alerts on your Cell Phone

Visiting the Fire House

If residents of the Clin-Clair Fire Protection District are doing controlled burns on their property please be courteous to the members of the Fire Department and call Clinton County Dispatch at 618-594-4555 to advise them that you will be doing a controlled burn on your property. We do ask to stay near the controlled burn and advise the 911 dispatchers if it does get out of control, you (the owner) will call and request the fire department.

This will assist the dispatchers when they receive 911 calls for a controlled fire near your property by passers-by. 
The Clin-Clair Fire Department members would like to invite residents from our district to stop by the fire station any Monday night between 7PM - 8:30PM to see what we do every at the station. Your tax dollars and donations directly support the department so if you want to see it put to work, please stop by and give us a visit; we’ll be glad to show you and your family around. 
The National Weather Service will begin providing WIRELESS EMERGENCY ALERTS
(WEA) to MOBILE PHONES. For more details click here